Baked Studios

Since 2006, Baked Studios has been imagining visual effects and animation for the feature film, television and advertising industries.  From the beginning we’ve always maintained an artist-centric approach, placing our talented and highly passionate team at the center of everything that we do.  We also subscribe to the principal that great work should be comprised of equal parts form and function. Every sequence, every shot and every frame has a story to tell and a message to convey. We involve designers in everything we do to make sure we maintain a level of sophistication and visual continuity to aid and never detract from the message.  We feel tremendously fortunate to do what we do with deep rooted curiosity and enthusiasm as we look towards opportunities to learn, to grow and to innovate. To serve our east coast clients, we are also based in NYC with our studio located in the NOMAD neighborhood of Manhattan. Aside from proximity benefits, the new workspace seamlessly interfaces with our Culver City Studio allowing work to take place concurrently and collaboratively. We are also excited to extend the NYS Tax credit for Post-Production or VFX/Animation, learn more here.